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This site is a work in progress.
It will continuously change to reflect the changes happening with the Linux operating system.
The following list contains the kinds of things this site is going to try to explain.
The text will morph into links and expanded pages as I find time to complete them:

What is Linux?

Why Linux?

What is Linux good for? Why?

What will Linux do? What will Linux NOT do?

What is Open Source?

Linux desktop uses

Linux server uses

Linux for Windows users...
umsdos file system
fat32 file system (and limitations on case sensitivity)
ntfs file system (readonly or else...)
loadlin or grub

Linux distributions (distros), download sites, installation approaches and patches
Commercial: Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, Slackware, ...
Community: Gentoo, Lunar Linux, SourceMage, Linux From Scratch (LFS), ...

Packages and package managers:
tarballs, RPM, APT, ...

Rescue disks (Linux run from a CD)

Security: (one of my personal favorite subject!)
file system, network, software distributions, MD5 checksums, antivirus, hardening, ...


Programming, software development, programming languages

The Linux Documentation Project TLDP


command line references

X-Windows references


Links to other useful Linux sites

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